JAVA “Filed – Red Cut” Reeds

The driving force behind the JAVA “Filed – Red Cut” design was to offer more sonic possibilities to musicians while keeping the qualities of the original Java. More flexible than its elder version, with a little more tonal body, the JAVA “Filed – Red Cut” offers a full, rich, centered sound and excellent projection with an extremely precise attack. A relative of the JAVA reed family, the JAVA “Filed – Red Cut” is the first file cut Vandoren reed for jazz and popular music. It also benefits from a completely new design.

Adolphe Sax

The Belgian inventor Adolphe Sax (1814-1894) was the originator of the saxophone as well as several other musical instruments.saxdeath

Sax became something of a footnote in history after his creation was almost forgotten after his death, until it was revived by jazz musicians who barely remembered his name. In his own time, however, Sax made musical headlines. His life story is a rich source of information about music—and musical politics—in the nineteenth century, full of controversy, public scenes, and dramatic reversals of fortune. Sax’s life, wrote a contemporary observer quoted on the Web site of the inventor’s home city of Dinant, “rises to the heights of a social event.”